About me and this site


photo by Kinga

The guy

My name is Ervin Sperla. I also go by the alias ses. I live in Budapest, capital of Hungary. A long-time photography enthusiast, I switched to digital during a round-the-world trip in 2001-2002 and I never looked back.

The site

Photoblog.hu is a nifty way to justify having a camera with me most of the time and foist the results on the unsuspecting public. It also serves as a visual diary. I built the site on a Movable Type engine. It should display well in Firefox, Opera, IE7 and other standards-compatible browsers. Others may produce surprising results - what you see is what you get. Go ahead, I hope you'll like it.

The gear

The pictures in the site were taken with the following cameras: Casio QV-2800X | Nikon Coolpix 4500 | Canon Powershot S1 IS | Canon EOS 300D | Canon Powershot S2 IS | Canon EOS 350D | Canon EOS 40D and Canon Powershot G9. I also use mobile phones: SonyEricsson K750i | SonyEricsson K800i, to take pictures for the blog.

For the 40D, my current main camera, I use the following lenses: Sigma 10-20mm, Tamron 17-50mm, Canon EF 28mm / EF 50mm / EF 85mm, and Sigma 50-150mm.

I shoot in RAW format whenever I can, and do the postprocessing in Bibble Pro, Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop.

The rest

To satisfy the interest inevitably created by this site, hardcore fans can click over to my Flickr page where there's more from me, including some Hungary-themed sets for those who don't know my country.

Copyright information / Szerzői jogi megjegyzés

The content, code and design of this site are Copyright (C) 2003-2007 me. If you want to use a part of it in any way, please get my written permission first. / A photoblog.hu teljes képanyaga a saját tulajdonom. Ha szeretnél felhasználni egy képet, először kérd el. A kereskedelmi célú felhasználás előzetes írásos engedélyhez kötött.