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This is a photo from more than 3 years ago. I have long wanted to try and reprocess it, to see how much my Photoshop-prowess has developed since (not much). Actually, the only thing I ended up doing was a slight curves adjustment and the usual unsharpening after resizing the picture.

This is also a tribute to my great old 2 megapixel Casio camera. This quite detailed picture was originally taken at only 800x600 pixels.

If you are interested in more photos from that trip, here they are:

ervin on April 5, 2005

Perfect shot. I really like the contrast of the two guys with the gentleman in the background. Very cool.

RainKing on April 6, 2005

remek (remake) kép csakugyan

nak on April 6, 2005

first i thought you were trying to change the heads order :)

kereszt on April 6, 2005

that is for the next level in photoshop :)

ervin on April 6, 2005