Royal subjects

June 18, 2005 | Comments


Royal subjects

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This capture just made my day.

corie on June 23, 2005

after a while, they are a bit more annoying in real life... :)

ervin on June 23, 2005

who are these people? random idiots or are they really following someone of importance arround all day? strange...but funny...i..think

breefer on June 27, 2005

these people are the result of lots of no-frills airlines flying to budapest. they come, congregate and spend the weekend shouting drunk, and then go home.

well, this description fits the kind of guy you see on the right - the scots were just fine :)

ervin on June 27, 2005

"Look, when I got the hotel and opend my luggage this was all that was in it. Somewhere out there is a 6 year old fairy princess in black chaps smacking people around with riding crop"

Amy on July 19, 2005