Something that you'll never comprehend

August 12, 2005 | Comments


Something that you'll never comprehend

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another shot taken at the recording studio yesterday. the light was almost non-existent, so most pictures came out dark. on the other hand, i was lucky that the engineer reached across the board just perfectly so I did not have to crop this shot at all.

ervin on August 12, 2005

"Elfelejtem olykor-olykor, nem tudhat még újmagyarul ez az atom-ókor. Szerencse, hogy beszélhetek így a vén szülékkel a gondolatátvivő kézi készülékkel."

BaBe on August 13, 2005

You get very nice shots at the studio! An interesting perspective at this one.

Sun In The Lens on August 15, 2005