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Rég volt, fény és dicsőség, zaj, kattogás, ribillió. Volt. Ma már az ablakban egy árva pók se hál, ó.

SárkányMiki on December 14, 2005

looks rather like window than beer but maybe only to me ;)

Tszecia on December 19, 2005

OK, but you apparently don't know what this building is - or, rather, was. :)

ervin on December 19, 2005

ok, so it's brewery, right? than i would titled the photo "where's the beer???" instead of just "beer".

don't argue with me, ervin, i can go on like this forever, you know :)))))))))

Tszecia on December 20, 2005

well, there is no argument here, really. :) i am happy about your choice of wording, and I am sure it would make a fantastic title, Tszecia! :P

And please feel absolutely free to retitle any other pictures as well - you're most welcome, you know :D

ervin on December 20, 2005

what a great idea! :D

Tszecia on December 22, 2005