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tom on January 17, 2006

i remember one great restaurant in budapest. Fatal was its name, i guess. Fabulous huge meals.

Tszecia on January 17, 2006

Definitely a great option if you go for the size of meal! :)

ervin on January 17, 2006

what if i go for quality? can you recomand smth? cause you never know, you know... ;) i might drop by...

Tszecia on January 19, 2006

depends on when you are coming. drop me a line then and I will recommend something appropriate! :)

ervin on January 22, 2006

the layout is so familiar here: the paprika étterem in the VII. district looked like it ca. eight years ago. but the outfit is strange.

methan on January 23, 2006

the reason might it is not the paprika. :) but this place actually looked pretty much the same eight years ago, too.

ervin on January 23, 2006

of course: kis pipa i wanted to say instead of paprika (what a mistake). it popped into my mind as i saw this pic with the name on sesblog. bothers me for monthes.

methan on June 17, 2006