Treasure island

March 07, 2006 | Comments


Treasure island

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Pray. This is Brussel, isn't it?

wyf of bath on March 18, 2006

Or is it germany?

wyf of bath on March 18, 2006

almost - it`s Ghent, quite close to Brussels. Miao, do you realise I'm in Hongkong now? I sent a mail. Hopefully crossing over to China tomorrow.

ervin on March 18, 2006

oh boy, your mail must have bounced back... But, guess what, i just came back from Sabah 2 days ago!And, yes, do come by Singapore!

on March 19, 2006

Beautiful photo!

Seesaw on March 21, 2006

beautiful photo indeed!

MrC on March 23, 2006