Brave new world II.

March 19, 2006 | Comments


Brave new world II.

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Jajj! Estetleg valami hangzóanyag a kép mellé? Amolyan világpolgáros alapossággal...

Bitang on April 21, 2006

nincs, azt bátran képzeld hozzá :)

ervin on April 21, 2006

Ehhez hangzóanyag? Csak is Dj Krush!

_rp_ on April 21, 2006

nagyon, nagyon,nagyon teccik!! :-)

d. on April 21, 2006

ez nagyon komoly.

kikko77 on April 21, 2006

Wow, there is a lot to see, great photo.

Frank on April 21, 2006

My goodness, this is some busy place!

Michael on April 22, 2006

Terrific photo.

Otto K on April 22, 2006

Oh my god, they seem to live in a tower made of little boxes. Great photo.

sal on April 22, 2006

Thanks, people. :)

ervin on April 22, 2006

That is frightening!

ryangwillim on May 3, 2006

And then came an earthquake.

FT on May 8, 2006


Bardo on July 17, 2006