Double take

May 05, 2006 | Comments


Double take

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Kinga and I both took essentially the same picture. It turned out to be mine but she did the post-processing, so it's ours now.

ervin on May 23, 2006

itt is klassz!

juditny on May 28, 2006

hi!I wrote you becose you shot nice photos and...for a simple question:WeeklyShot membership is invite only, I know you are a member...can you tell me if is it possible to be invited? thanks,scorpio49!

scorpio on June 26, 2006

hi scorpio - thanks, it does sound like an honest compliment :)

it is definitely possible to be invited but I don't have an available invitation at this point. sorry about that and good luck with someone else. :)

ervin on June 26, 2006