The day after

June 05, 2006 | Comments


The day after

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Hi Ervin, any hidden message here!!! Got your RSS on my desktop now...

Randhir on June 9, 2006

This is fabulous, the bug has a bit of human character when I look at it for some reason.

ryangwillim on June 9, 2006

randhir, what a great idea! :) hope you guys are not too cold back home! ;)

ervin on June 10, 2006

survival ! Great!

Kris on July 28, 2006

Hűűű... ez nagyon tetszik... Van benne némi sci-fi-s hangulat is. :)

FixY on August 3, 2006

igaz? azért került föl, mert szerintem teljesen katasztrófafilmes hangulata van:)

ervin on August 3, 2006