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This is the newest bridge being built in Budapest over the Danube. Thanks a bunch to methan for getting us up to its top!

This picture was taken on our way down, actually.

ervin on May 21, 2008

Na ez mennyire komoly már! Szerintem én a szememet sem nyitottam volna ki, nemhogy fényképezni! Remélem lesz még egy-kettő ebből a sorozatból :)

balint on May 22, 2008

Ervin, csak ámulok és bámulok... :) A napokban találtam rá erre a blogra. Ennyi szépséget rég láttam egy helyen! Minden jót kívánok és köszönet a képekért!

maria on May 22, 2008

thanks for the credit, ervin, to be lifted with tower crane was really thrilling.

some more images taken by me can be found here:

methan on May 22, 2008

köszi, mindenki. :)

ervin on May 22, 2008

Hey, beautiful photos!!! Really great shots and very very nice motives!

I would like to invite you to and upload some of your photos, so that others can use them as wallpaper and enjoy your photo every time they look on there screen! It would be great if you take a look. Its a complete free service for everyone! (You can also put a link in your profile, so that this link will be published next to every published photo!)

Best Regards, Steve

Steve on May 23, 2008

barmennyiszer latom a kepeket errol a hidrol... elont a futurisztikus elmeny. nem lehet igaz, hogy ez eloben megy s nem egy sci-fi produkcioban. szeduletes kep. thx. ott fenn is szeduletes volt? :)

labint on May 23, 2008


juditny on June 1, 2008


Gregory.K on June 2, 2008

More pictures from this shoot are now available on my Flickr page.

ervin on June 16, 2008

I really like this composition. It conveys a sense of vertigo as well as being a nice abstraction in and of itself!

Andy on June 24, 2008