The obligatory dandelion shot

June 21, 2008 | Comments


The obligatory dandelion shot

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I have promised myself quite some time ago to not take the obligatory dandelion shot again until I had an idea that was new - well, not new in the sense that I guess every possible dandelion shot has already been taken: but new to me, at least.

Finally I had my moment of clarity at the Vácrátót arboretum, thanks to the macro capabilities of the little Canon G9. So here comes the dandelion - from the inside.

ervin on June 26, 2008

very very cool.

eszpee on June 26, 2008

Yes, I am one of those who succumbed to taking not one, but two shots of dandelions that look like every other dandelion shot out there.

Congrats on this unique perspective - that is one hell of a macro.

seriocomic on June 27, 2008